How-to: prepare your Kickstarter campaign page for an indie game?

This is my project if you would like to check it out for reference: Haiku, the Robot.

When do you want to launch a Kickstarter for your game?

Some early enemy concepts for Haiku’s world

So, how do you build an audience?

Next, research for Kickstarter and look into other successful projects

A screengrab from BiggerCake for Haiku, the Robot. It helps you track other campaigns as well.

What funding goal should you set yourself?

It looks a bit sloppy but this is how I calculated my funding goal in GBP. After, I had to convert it to Euros because I live in a European country (and we use euros).

Making rewards and tiers

A screengrab from BiggerCake on Haiku, the Robot. The cyan and yellow parts make up for 26% of the entire funding amount.

Building the Kickstarter page

Handling feedback

Be wary of the so-called “experts”

I believe in you and so does Shia.

Build up the hype

Got a demo? Flaunt it.

Here’s a little montage I made from people who played the demo before/after it’s release.

Now you’re ready to hit launch

If you would like me to look into your Kickstarter project personally, then I do offer 1-on-1 consultations. You can find more information here: — thank you!



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